This Ungodly Hour

from by Robin Grey



An old song that asks a lot of questions and then only answers the easiest one.

Basia plays accordion, bows a dulcimer and even makes her debut on backing vocals.


Somewhere between
The cows and the concrete the asphalt and the sky
That's where I'll be
And if you don't here from me know that I am doing fine.

No what defines me?
Does this skin and bone labour too hard to find all of the dreams
That others forgo for the sake on an easy ride?
Perhaps that's naive
Of them or of me I'm not sure I'm so sure anymore

I used to climb trees, I don't do that anymore
Perhaps that's cos I'm wiser now
Or maybe I'm just scared I might fall

I awoke at half past four again, rolled over in my bed;
What the hell am I doing awake at this ungodly hour?

The moon plays his part why on earth can't i play mine?
Cos you are not here with me at this ungodly hour

So lay me down in a field of heather someplace that's far from here
I miss your warm body darling - I miss it most this time of year

The sun just hurts my eyes! I know that it gives you delight
But you are not here with me awake at this ungodly hour


from The Nearest Door, released October 1, 2011