These Days

from by Robin Grey



The first track from my first album - a mini rant about meditation and resisting urges to preach.


This morning I woke, restless and heady,
with blood pulsing fierce in the vein.
There’s light on a line, this morning and maybe forever,
I move with regard for the signs.

You know I search my heart to prove
there’s better ways to push and pull,
but hey whatever gets you through these days.

And somewhere to the east the sun is stirring,
starting to light up the sky,
and I’m lying here reliving the last few days
cos I missed most of them the first time.


Did I disappoint you?
Leave a bad taste in your mouth?
I thought that we could.
I thought that we would.
I was mistaken.

Chorus (quiet)

Chorus (full)

Outro climax then fall apart


from Only The Missile, released March 1, 2008
Recorded at The Blue Door, Hackney by Robin Grey


Iain Macleod on banjo


Joe Allen on percussion

(Joe Allen appears courtesy of Island Records)