The Hackney Gentrification Song

from by Robin Grey



Many things I love about living in Hackney have been lost in the years leading up to the 2012 Olympics.

A lot of people have been forced away from the area due to the massive increases in rent and/or their homes/places of work being demolished.

The Four Aces Club -

The Original Vortex -

The George -

What is a Pide? -


You know this place it means the world to me.
Knock it down build flats knock it down.
The first place I really felt home in London.
Knock it down build flats knock it down.
Now my life is in bags and my heart’s on my sleeve
Knock it down build flats knock it down.
And there’s so many memories I’d rather not leave.

When I moved here 'The Four Aces' club still stood proud
And 'The Vortex' on Church Street was in with the crowd.
Now 'The George' is up next and my dear studio
And Vogue says that Hackney’s the in place to go.

Tesco’s are popping up like unwelcome weeds
And they just put a pound on the price of a pide.
The places we used to shoot pool: they’re all gone.
Whilst the prostitutes, pimps and drug dealers look on.


from The Nearest Door, released October 1, 2011
Louisa Jones on accordion and Ewan Bleach on clarinet both lived at The George pub in Clapton which was a thriving community of artists, musicians, activists and others