The Dirge Of Mark Duggan

from by Robin Grey

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They don't come much harder to write than this.


The sirens they haven't stopped ringing
And helicopters drone overhead
Ten minutes north up the river today
They just shot a young black man dead

In the who what when gun which how what why,
Well perhaps things they might get confused
But to turn away Mark Duggan's poor family and friends
At the same time as briefing the news,

Well it strikes me as pretty damn shameful,
And with reason folks they get angry.
And anger it overrides reason some days
And fate well she's fickle and crime well it pays
Pretty well for the folks at the top you see,
So others well they get ideas
As when you have little or nothing to lose
It wipes away most inhibitions and fears

So here is a toast to the bankers
Who gamble with the price of our food
And a toast to the politicians who know
That there's no black or white as they're bending the rules

Not to forget to press and policemen:
Wining, dining, spying and lying
It sets such a beautiful setting you see,
Oh i might go and smash some shit up in Hackney

The youth clubs have mostly been closed here,
Now the shops they are also closed too
The streets they are empty and glisten with glass,
A surreal and sickening view

I make my way back through a war zone,
Sirens ring loud in my ears
David is resting in Tuscany but
Teresa will soon conquer all of our fears

"We'll fight them on the beaches, take away their homes,
Lock them up, make them all pay!"

Quite how that will help matters I'm not too sure
but they'll keep core constituents happy that way

To conclude I'll leave you with a thought
I once heard a wise person say

"You don't need to punish the wicked
as they punish themselves enough every day."


from More Than Today, released January 12, 2014
Recorded at
Abbot Street Studios (Dalston) by Jimmy Friend
and Dalston Culture House by Robin Grey

Mixed by Dean Firth and Robin Grey
Mastered by Dominique Brethes at Flow Mastering (Brixton)

Basia Bartz - Violin
Caitlin Roberts - Accordion
Candy Parfitt - Backing vocals
Robin Grey - Vocals, ukulele, bass and sound design