Shakes & Shudders

from by Robin Grey



Co-written with Beth Dariti one peaceful afternoon. Recorded in one take straight after.


I'm making my way north
On an unpretentious day.
Yesterday the sky was naked,
Today she's wrapped herself in grey,

And I have cloaked myself
In my hat and coat and dreams
So for now I am safe from the cold
Whatever today brings.

Well the train it shakes and shudders
As we make our way,
Which nearly masks these nervous hands
Which still have much to say.
A volume of memories past
Is nearly sealed and signed
And bound in shades of autumn leaves
Which are fading from my mind.

So spring is here to greet me,
Think I'll go and cut my hair
And throw away these faded rags,
Torn and tattered from all the wear and tear of
Tumbling in turmoil and then hitting the ground,
Bouncing back with baited breath,
Nearly half way to the clouds.


from Strangers With Shoes, released December 1, 2009
Beth Dariti on guitar