Mariam's Cake

from by Robin Grey



An attempt at writing a song about the Highland Clearances after first learning about them in a land rights journal called 'The Land' descended into surrealism, farce and mice.

Ultimately a song about eviction from the perspective of a doubting official.

Recorded live in a studio just of Mare Street in Hackney with a few overdubs back at Dalston Culture House.

Joe Allen bought a vintage wooden snare drum to get the right sound for it. Legend.


Meadowlark, shouldn't you fly somewhere warmer, my dear?
Let's go outside holding hands.

Meadowlark, you know this is my favourite time of the year.
Let's go outside holding hands.

Enter the day I just arrived so I'll take my time.
Hour by hour we see that there is no hurry,
We just take our time.

Meadowlark, I checked in the book and it's not what it seems.
Let's go outside holding hands.

Hey what's up trees?
Who gave your orders to drop all those leaves?
Well if you must, I suppose.

Ever since the day we fell up to stand down,
There were mice in the aisles dressed in frocks and in gowns.
I won't tell you its likely, you won't tell me the news
So we stand here in the dirt getting puddles in our shoes...
Wondering why.

You count the numbers and I count the cost
But although we're a good team something has been lost
'Cause it's not been the same since the mice moved upstairs,
Dreams of Mariam's cake go down well with sancerre...
Wondering why?


from The Nearest Door, released October 1, 2011