from by Robin Grey



Technically this song should be called 'Jo' as my sister hates being referred to as Joanna. Oh well.

Every so often we go up to Northumberland to visit my Nana. She lives a long way from anywhere and this always provides a lot of head space for introspection which can be both a good and a bad thing.


| Dsus2 | Eadd4 | A/C# | A/C# |
Down by the sea and the sky, we walked and talked
| Dsus2 | Eadd4 | A/C# | A/C# |
Until the last light bid goodbye. My coat kept me
| Dsus2 | Eadd4 | F#m7 | F#m7 |
Warm but I missed my favourite hat which I
| Dsus2 | Dsus2 | Dsus2 | Dmaj7 | x 2
Lost last year.

You balled up both of your hands to keep them warm, we
Turned and walked back on the sand. The wind roaring
Loud in our ears, we made our way back to the harbour lights.

It seems with our coming of age, so much has changed but
So much it still stays the same and will we be
Having the same conversations again this time next year?

The same question dwells on our minds - how hard shall you
Seek before you shall find? Perhaps that is
Missing the point but something has got to give or perhaps time will

| A | Am7 | Eadd4 | Eadd4 |
find us here, perhaps time will
| A | Am7 | Eadd4 | Eadd4 |
find us here, perhaps time will
| A | Am7 | Eadd4 | Eadd4 |
find us here
| Dsus2 | Dsus2 | Dsus2 | Dmaj7 | x 2
| Eadd4 | in free time – end on A5


from More Than Today, released January 12, 2014
Recorded at Dalston Culture House by Robin Grey

Mixed by Dean Firth and Robin Grey
Mastered by Dominique Brethes at Flow Mastering (Brixton)

Candy Parfitt - Backing vocals
Robin Grey - Vocals, ukulele, bass and sound design
Tara Franks - Cello